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We have a war in Iraq and Bush is doing everything he can think of to stir up another war in Iran. This guy has been the greatest disaster ever to reach the Oval Office. He has committed numerous crimes and should be prosecuted for them. If convicted, incarceration is required. Maybe a fine of several million dollars on top of that.



What is this war all about, anyway? Why are we there? The original justification was the danger posed by weapons of mass destruction. There weren't any. Even if they did have some stashed somewhere there was no way they could have used them on us. So in that respect there was no danger.

Was it about connections to September 11? There was no connection between those events and Iraq. None. The new breed of Nazis who insisted we had to start a war in Iraq used a curious form of logic. The inspectors found no banned weapons and that was touted as proof they were there.


So What Should be Done?


The most sensible long-term solution to the problems in Iraq is to create three nations. In the north will be Kurdistan, in the center Iraq, and in the south a nation named by the indigenous population.